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Generate documentation with the liblab CLI

When you generate your SDK with the liblab build CLI command, SDK documentation is also generated if you have the createDocs config file option set to true. This option defaults to false.

Control documentation generation

To turn on documentation generation, set the createDocs option to true in your liblab config file.

"createDocs": true

To turn off documentation generation, set the createDocs option to false in your liblab config file.

"createDocs": false

Generate documentation

To generate SDK documentation, run the liblab build command with the createDocs option in your config file set to `true.

✓ Doc built
SDKs downloaded successfully. You can find them inside the "output" folder
Action Link
──────── ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

Two links are provided in the CLI output - a link to preview the docs, and a link to download the HTML them as a zip file that you can host yourself.


This preview is only temporary to review the docs, and should not be used for hosting the docs long term as these will be removed after a short while.

You can select the SDK language from the drop down at the top right. Select cURL to see the API documentation, otherwise select the SDK language, such as Java, Python or TypeScript.