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SDK language support

At the time of writing, liblab has support for the following SDK languages:

LanguageStatusMinimum versionConfig file valueliblab Version
JavaGenerally AvailableJava 8 (JDK 1.8)java"1"
PythonGenerally AvailablePython 3.7python"1", "2"
TypeScriptv1 - Generally Available
v2 Beta1
TypeScript 4.8.4 2typescript"1", "2"
C#/.NETBeta 1.NET 6 2csharp"2"
GoBeta 1Go 1.19.0 2go"2"
SwiftBeta 1Swift 5.9 2swift"2"
PHPBeta 1PHP 8.0 2php"2"
TerraformBeta 1Terraform 1.0 2terraform"2"

11 Beta SDKs are under active development and may change without notice. The documentation for beta SDKs may be incomplete. 22 This is subject to change during the beta period.