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Install the CLI

The liblab CLI can be installed using npm or Homebrew:

To install the liblab CLI make sure you have Node.js version 18.17 or later installed. We recommend using nvm to manage your Node.js versions.

You can install the CLI using npm by running this command in your terminal:

npm install -g liblab

This will install the latest version of the CLI to your computer. To verify that the CLI has been installed properly, run:

liblab --version

You should see the version in the output:

➜  ~ liblab --version
liblab/0.18.0 darwin-arm64 node-v18.17.2

If a new version of the CLI is released, you will need to update - if you try to run a command with an outdated version of the CLI, you will see an error message telling you to update. To update the CLI to the latest version, run:

npm update -g liblab

If you prefer to run the latest version at all times, you can do so using npx. Just add npx before any of your commands. For example:

npx liblab@latest [command]

This is useful when an automated system needs to run the CLI such as in the case of CI/CD.