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liblab versions

liblb supports multiple versions of its SDK generation for different SDK languages. As we update to newer versions of our SDK generation with enhanced features, there may be breaking changes in the generated SDK.

By managing the liblab version used for SDK generation you can ensure that your SDK will not recieve an update that causes breaking changes without your knowledge. When you are ready to update to a newer version of our SDK generation, you can increment the version in your liblab config file, and determine the impact on your generated SDKs before you release them to your users or customers.

Configure liblab versions

You can configure the liblab version on a per-language basis by setting the liblabVersion option in the languageOptions section of your config file.

Supported versions

SDK languageliblabVersionDefault1Notes
TypeScript1Initial release
Java1Initial release
Python1Initial release
Python2v2 of our Python SDK generation with features such as SDK side validation, reST docstrings, and improved name generation
C#2Initial release
Go2Initial release
Terraform2Initial release

11 The default value is the version that will be used if the liblabVersion is not specified in the config file.