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Get help

These commands allow you to get help.

liblab helpGet help with the liblab CLI
liblab --versionSee the current version of the CLI

liblab help

Display help for the liblab CLI, including the current version, and the available commands.

liblab help

This will output the following:

The official liblab CLI

$ liblab [COMMAND]
$ liblab [COMMAND] --help



change-password Retrieve url to change password for the current user
login Log-in or register a user in liblab
logout Log-out the current user
token Create/delete long lived tokens for CI/CD operations

build Build SDK(s) and Docs for your API.
init Create a liblab configuration file ready to generate an SDK.
hooks Bootstrap sdk hooks

pr Create a PR for all the generated SDKs.

Spec management
merge Merge two or more OpenAPI specs into one
validate Validate spec file

help Display help for liblab.

If you want help for an individual command, you can run it with --help. For example:

liblab build --help

This will provide help on using the build command:

Build SDK(s) and Docs for your API.

$ liblab build [--approve-docs] [-l <value>] [--liblab-config <value>] [-o <value>] [--pr] [--skip-validation] [-y]

-l, --language=<value> Sdk language to build
-o, --org=<value> The organization to create the PR in
-y, --yes Approve all operations
--approve-docs Approve docs without review
--liblab-config=<value> Remote liblab config
--pr Create PR for built sdks
--skip-validation Ignore validation and attempt to build specs

Build SDK(s) and Docs for your API.

$ liblab build

liblab --version

You can use liblab --version to get the current version of the CLI:

liblab --version

This will output the current version of the CLI:

liblab/0.16.0 darwin-arm64 node-v18.14.2